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Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure
Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure
Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure
Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure
Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure
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11 Apr 2019
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Smartgen HGM520 AMF Automatic Mains Failure



HGM 520 series automatic controller, integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, is used for automatic control system of generator. It can achieve automatic start/stop, data measuring and “three remote” functions (SG485 module is needed). The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, French and Russian display interface with easy and reliable operation.

HGM 520 series automatic controller uses micro-processing technique which can carry out precision measuring, constant value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc.. All the parameters can be adjusted from front panel or through programmable interface (USB to LINK, can use SG72 adaptor) via PC. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control system for compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.


HGM 520: Based on HGM 510, add mains AC monitoring, mains/generator automatic switching control (AMF), especially suitable for automatic control system composed by mains and generator.

  1. 132x64 LCD with backlight, optional language interface (Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian), push-button operation;

  2. Adapt to 3 phase 4 wire, single phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire and 2 phase 3 wire (120/240V), 50/60Hz power supply;

  3. Can measure and display 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency, and power;

  4. For mains: Over/under voltage, lack of phase; for generator: over/under voltage, over/under frequency, over current;

  5. Precision measure and display engine parameters,

  6. Control protection: Automatic start/stop, switch on/off (ATS control) and fault display;

  7. With ETS, idle control, pre-heat control, acceleration and deceleration control, all are relay output;

  8. Parameters setting: Allow user to modify parameters and store them in internal FLASH, which cannot be lost even when power off. All the parameters can be adjusted from the front panel, or by PC via an SG72 adaptor;

  9. Types of temperature and pressure sensor can be directly used and user defined;

  10. Conditions of crank disconnect can be selected.(magnetic pickup, oil pressure, generator);

  11. Power supply range is (8~35)VDC, accommodating to different starting voltage;

  12. All parameters use digital modulation, abandoning analog modulation of conventional potentiometer, more reliability and stability;

  13. Modular design, flame retardant ABS shell, plug-in terminals, embedded mounting, compact structure, easy installation.

Automatic Mains Failure HGM 520
Digital Input = 4
Relay Output = 5
Analog Input = 5
Dimension (mm) = 126 x 109 x 44
Panel Cutout (mm) = 110 x 90

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