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Exhaust Pyrometers MURPHY 10705147 GENUINE

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Exhaust Pyrometers MURPHY 10705147 GENUINE

Exhaust Pyrometers MURPHY 10705147 GENUINE

The Single Port Exhaust Pyrometer monitors exhaust temperatures in all types of engines. It features an easy-to-read 3-1/2" illuminated dial with scales in both Farenheit and Celsius, and a range of 300 to 1300øF (150 to 700øC). This pyrometer requires no outside power (except for dial lighting), and features a sealed PVC case with a polished stainless steel bezel. Spring loaded jewels and alloy pivots increase durability. 

Excessive exhaust temperature is a major damaging factor to all engines. The best way to monitor this temperature is with the use of a pyrometer. Excessive exhaust temperature is caused by an upset fuel/air ratio or more fuel in the engine than there is air to support it. This condition can occur as a result of over throttling, a dirty air cleaner, different fuels, a malfunctioning fuel system, change of altitude, an out of tune engine and many other causes. 

Pyrometers indicate excessive exhaust before serious damage occurs. This model is suitable for stationary or mobile engines, power units, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as marine and trucking applications. 

Features :

- Large sweep scales for maximum legibility.

- Internal illumination for night use.

- Accuracy: 2% full scale.

- Sealed housing.

- Ambient temperature compensation.

- Calibrated permanently at 2/3 scale.

- Flush type mounting on any plane.

Benefits of Using a Pyrometer :

- Longer engine life

- Better fuel economy

- Less lubrication oil dilution

- Lubrication oil stays clean much longer

- Exhaust emissions drop to a minimum

- Malfunctions indicated before

excessive damage occurs

Specifications :

- Dial Scale

Single: 300 to 1300°F (150 to 700°C)*

Dual: 300 to 1200°F (150 to 649°C)*

*Celsius only dials available.

Dial Sweep (both models) = 100°.

Accuracy = Full scale 2%.

Illumination = Internal 12 or 24 VDC.

Bezel = Polished stainless steel.

†Black bezel available. Special order.

Case = PVC.

Pointer(s) = Fire Orange.

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