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SEG RW N 1-10-230 REVERSE POWER RELAY RW N 1 10 230 SEG RWN110230 RW N110

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07 Jan 2022
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Specification of SEG RW N 1-10-230 REVERSE POWER RELAY RW N 1 10 230 SEG RWN110230 RW N110

SEG RW N 1-10-230 REVERSE POWER RELAY RW N 1 10 230 SEG RWN110230 RW N110

Brand = SEG
Part Number = RW N 1-10-230
Description = Protection Reverse Power Relay
Voltage = 230 Volt

Under- and over-frequency supervision of single or three-phase systems.

The unit BF1 is equipped with an independent over (f>) and under-frequency supervision (f<) with separate adjustable pickup values and trip delays.
The measured frequency is continuously compared with the set reference values.
For frequency supervision the cycle duration is evaluated and so measuring is virtually independent on harmonics.
To avoid tripping during normal operation due to interference voltages, a fixed measuring repetition is used.

Technical Data
rate voltage Un = 110V, 230V, 400 V AC
frequency range at
50 Hz rated frequency = 46 - 54 Hz
60 Hz rater frequency = 55,2 - 64,8 Hz
hysteresis = 0,5% of nominal frequency
power consumption = 3,7 VA
thermal load carrying capacity = continuously 1,3 x Un
returning time = 250 ms
minimum operating time = 250 ms

Output relays:
max. breaking capacity ohm = 250 V AC/120 W DC
inductive = 500 V AC/75 W DC
rated current = 5 A
making current = 20 A

System data:
regulations = VDE 0435 part 303
temperature range
at storage and operation = - 25 0C bis + 70 0C

Mechanical stress:
shock = class 1 acc. to DIN IEC 255-21-2
vibration = class 1 acc. to DIN IEC 255-21-1
degree of protection = IP 40 at closed front cover
weight = approx. 0,5 kg
mounting position = any

The unit BF1 is designed to be fastened onto a DIN rail acc. to DIN EN 50022 same as all units of the BASIC LINE.
The front plate of the unit is protected with a salable transparent cover (IP40)
Please remove the transparent cover with a screw driver to adjust the relay.

LED f< is used to indicate operation without fault with steady light. LEDs f> and f< indicate pickup of the relay by flashing.
at under-frequency tripping LED f< extinguishes. LED f> indicates tripping at over-frequency (steady light)

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